FNM Election Wounds Self Inflicted

Posted: May 15, 2012 in General Delivery

By Joette Penn

Anyone that has been paying attention for the last five years would understand that the FNM lost the election in every sense that those words can be interpreted.  The FNM government came to office in 2007 with a vengeance, with a huge chip on their shoulders against the PLP government.  But then in 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed the FNM went into uncharted territory for them, a place called ‘real governance needed’.  We did not get that, we got more of the same arrogance and horrible decision making of the 90s instead.

The ‘young turks’, as they were called, of the FNM like Zhivargo Laing, Charles Maynard, Phenton Neymour, Tommy Turnquest and others fashioned themselves after Hubert Ingraham, making complete fools of themselves, believing him to be some kind of political guru who would lead them to victory no matter what.  Who could forget Phenton Neymour stating in support of the BTC sale that he and the tourist should be able to watch Law & Order on the Beach.  Or when Zhivargo Laing tried to convince us all that 51% and 49% were the same thing. Or Charles Maynard trying to explain why the Bahamas could not host Carifesta.

What the  FNM seemed not to know or acknowledge was that Mr. Ingraham’s brand of politics had gone past its expiry date and that the people of the country were smelling the spoiled aroma emanating from him every time he spoke. Mr. Ingraham did what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted no matter what the people of the country wanted or needed.  He took care of who he needed to and wanted to in the inner circle of FNM benefactors and cronies and left those who believed in him in the wider public to fend for themselves.

Mr. Ingraham governed like a novice feeling his way around leadership and governance instead of the veteran politician that he is.  He started this last term by complementing Perry Christie on the state of the economy, then commenced canceling contracts and important programmes.  He raised taxes, he was paralyzed to do anything about the skyrocketing crime level.  He sold controlling interest in BTC against the will of the people, in a deal shrouded in suspicious actions and incestuous relationships. He sided with his scandalous ministers every time one of them was caught in a precarious position.  He fired customs officers, told high ranking police officers to go home and basically threw veteran ZNS employees out on their butts and called them ungrateful. He made excuses for the economic downgrades by international agencies.  He used government funds to build a temporary port and gave the shareholders a 45 year monopoly. He watched as thousands lost their homes to foreclosure.  He promised a new hospital, which he never built. He gave a contract to a foreign company to build roads who botched the job to the tone of almost $100 million in over runs. Even in the face of all this mismanagement and bad decision making the FNM still thought that they could pull it out in the end.

What they did not bank on was that the PLP had regrouped and reinvented itself once again to become a force to be reckoned with.  The PLP was able to capture the hearts and minds of the people by recognizing the amount of hopelessness that was permeating the country.  So they asked Bahamians to ‘Believe in The Bahamas’.  They successfully revived the Bahamian dream of prosperity, education and ownership again and the FNM found that they could not defend against this.  They tried to convince us that they deliver and the PLP only talk with their theme “We Deliver” without considering that what they delivered may not have been what the Bahamian electorate ordered.  So in the end the delivery was returned to sender. 

After losing the election and coming rather close to losing his seat in parliament Mr. Ingraham resigned as leader of the FNM and announced his intentions to resign as MP for North Abaco during his concession speech on election night. I did not find this that surprising as Mr. Ingraham said that he would leave the FNM as he met them.  Not to mention that as a sitting Prime Minister he accused the opposition of using holograms to fill their rally crowds, called himself a “one man band” and ran a slate of candidates that could not hold a candle to that of the PLP. 

Now having lost almost all of their cabinet ministers to the polls the FNM was left with three senior citizens (two of whom are new to front line politics), a mean lady, a failed Minister of Works, two novices and Hubert Minnis.  The FNM now seems on course for the Hubert sequel.  Hubert Minnis was sworn in as Leader of the Official Opposition this week and is set to be voted as the Leader of the FNM shortly.  Let us all get ready for Hubert Alexander Part Deux, let’s hope its an action/thriller and not a comedy.

  1. Athama M.D.Bowe says:

    Ok,this is brilliant;very tastefully and effectively done.

  2. karen says:


  3. Doc Knows says:

    Well the people have spoken so who could argue with that whoever ran the better campaign won……whether the wounds were self inflicted or not its over the fat lady has sang according to leslie miller…lol….there are some good that came out of 2007 to 2012….or are there any ?

  4. micheal says:

    very well said,

  5. Fred Moss says:

    Joette, this was right on the money, if there is one thing that can be pointed to that was the downfall of the F.N.M. it would have to be Hubert Ingraham and his arrogance, he became all things to all men..big mistake! The lies repeatedly told did little to show him in a positive light….there is many things that can be said of Perry Christie but being on the ‘ take ‘ was not one of them

    • Nichola Sands says:

      The caption for this is on point. Hubert Ingraham has caused History not to be kind to him because of “HIMSELF”

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