Posted: August 12, 2013 in General Delivery

So in the latest episode of the Dr. Minnis Reality Show, Edison Key is supposedly going to be sanctioned by the FNM.  Now when one or at least I think of the word sanction the United Nations some other international organization comes to mind, certainly not the FNM.  Anyway, an FNM source tells the press that they think that Mr. Key remaining in the House of Assembly while the other FNM MPs revolted and left “would not go gently into the good night.”  According to the same article Dr. Minnis himself had no comment.  The fact that Dr. Minnis had no comment is a good thing, LOL.


Edison Key is a gentleman that holds a good hand in politics at present.  He is a man of advanced age, who is said to be very wealthy and the FNM needs his seat but the PLP Leader and PM has said that he is welcomed back to the PLP anytime. If I were someone in that position I would do what I wanted to do as well.  What people should understand is the Edison Key is a former PLP who made a deal to join the FNM with another former PLP, Hubert Ingraham.  Now that Hubert Ingraham has resigned from politics who exactly in the FNM parliamentary group can Edison Key identify with, well beside Theo Neilly who is also a former PLP but they are years apart.  Mr. Key himself said that “they don’t tell me anything” showing that there is some discord in the FNM parliamentary group towards him.  It is funny that  Dr. Minnis, who says he was fighting for democracy, should have a problem with Edison Key clearly demonstrating his democratic right to choose to support the bill being debated in the House of Assembly instead of support the antics when Dr. Minnis is clearly only pandering to the FNM base.

Before his untimely death the former chairman of the FNM told the press that the current leadership (Minnis and Butler-Turner) of the FNM had about 12 to 18 months to prove themselves.  If you are counting you would note that that time is approaching.  One most not just look at PLP vs FNM but also include the fact that Minnis is trying to avoid opposition at any upcoming convention that must be held before the next general election.  Dr. Minnis does not want to end up like his predecessor Hon. Tommy Turnquest who was blindsided by Hon. Hubert Ingraham in the 2005 FNM convention for leadership of the party.  It would seem from what occurred at the ‘Red Alert’ event that Dr. Minnis and his Deputy Loretta Butler Turner have decided to go after self preservation within their party.  It is the only explanation for Mrs. Turner making a complete 180 degree turn with regards to her support of the Stem Cell Research Legislation.  Mrs. Turner and the FNM even went as far at to say that the FNM campaign has begun.


I suggest to you that Dr. Minnis is trying to put together an army of loyalists, not so much for the next general elections but for the next general convention of the Free National Movement.  It is good strategy and more than I expected of him but will it work against the former PM.  I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do not think that we have seen the last of the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham.  Let us not forget that the only reason that Mr. Ingraham is not in the House of Assembly today is because he is a fair weather leader.  He was not prepared to be the Leader of the Opposition with only 9 seats against the Progressive Liberal Party and have to spend five years defending his bad decisions and horrible policies so he resigned from his seat after resigning as leader of the FNM on the night of elections.  But the fact that he pops into the mainstream media from time to time giving his ‘opinion’ on current events gives rise to the notion that he would consider a return. Remember that in 2002 until he won leadership of the FNM he hardly ever graced the House of Assembly with his presence.

Dr. Minnis has a mammoth task ahead of him to keep leadership of the FNM and then if successful at that to try to beat the Progressive Liberal Party.  However it is not so easy for the Progressive Liberal Party either who tend to quickly lose touch with the people when they ascend into power.  The PLP has to go back into semi campaign mode and get organized and on watch politically.  They also have to realize that as in their last term when The Bahamas was doing exceptionally well under their watch, the Bahamian people have to feel and see what you are doing for them and not just the common cause, the  intangibles. It is quite easy for a carrot of scandal (real or made up) to be dangled before the electorate and they lose focus.  Every single Member of Parliament in the House of Assembly and former candidates of the Progressive Liberal Party has to be prepared to “keep their seat hot” to stay in their constituencies and keep watch.  It is imperative that the PLP remains in power in 2017, the country cannot afford another Ingraham term in office.

As for Mr. Key some people think that he would be a good candidate to give up his seat to Mr. Ingraham should he want to return but for me that remains to be seen.  What is evident is that Mr. Key at present, ‘ain on the FNM and Dr. Minnis run’ as we say and does whatever he pleases which these days seems to be to support what the PLP is doing.  However it works out, those of us who love politics should find all of this very interesting and entertaining.

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