Posted: August 21, 2013 in General Delivery

The Bahamas has been under attack in the media and in South Florida recently over the issues of Cubans who were caught ILLEGALLY in our country.

There have been groups, specifically in South Florida, that have chastised the government of the Bahamas for sending those illegal Cubans back to Cuba. In particular, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican favourites for the 2016 US Presidential elections and who needs the Cuban American vote to retain his Senate seat in November, has written a letter in protest to the Bahamas government.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio may say and may do anything to be re elected. He is being politically correct by lashing out at the Bahamas because he needs the Cuban American vote.

It is expected that Cuban Americans will support their countrymen. But, why then, does the Bahamas opposition party FNM and its leader not support the Bahamas? The Bahamas government has not done anything wrong. The fact is, those Cubans were here ILLEGALLY. The fact is, Panama never offered asylum. The fact is, when illegal immigrants are caught, and unless other arrangements are made for them to go elsewhere, they are deported back home. Why did the USA not offer them asylum, Mr Rubio? The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that if any country offered asylum he would deport the illegal Cubans the next day!

The FNM has accused the government of covering up an alleged incident in which Cuban detainees were abused by being beaten while in custody after attempting to escape. A video was produced purporting to be a video tape of the incident. Clearly, the video was false. But, the FNM claims the video was just a “re-enactment” of the incident, and, that the government knows that it was.

The government has launched an investigation into the matter and this was acknowledged even by the US Senator Marco Rubio. And, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas has said that anyone who abused detainees will be prosecuted.

The FNM and their Leader appear to be on the side of the illegal Cubans. It has always been admired and respected throughout the world that America always comes to the defense of their citizens. Most countries do. But for the FNM and their Leader to even give the appearance that they are supporting another group against their country in an effort to damage the reputation and good name of their country is a matter that deserves scrutiny and punishment. Voters must not forget this and the FNM and their Leader must be made to pay the price at election time for such ill advised position.


Dr Hubert Minnis will go down as the worst interim leader the FNM has ever had, no better than little Tommy Turnquest as interim leader.

  1. Athama Bowe says:

    Is this the very same political FNM, when having Hubert Alexander as the leader,attempted to incite the local Haitian illegal community,to sue the Bahamas Government and to resist their lawful actions? And now,another Hubert,beseiged by baying rebels within his FNM,is stooping to the very same level of deceit and disloyalty against his fellow Bahamians.. If the first action could have been to stir up votes,then what can be had supporting another group, engaging in illegal actions against the Bahamas? Why should straw vendors,cab drivers,waiters,waitresses,airline,travel agents,musicians,foodstore workers and teachers,to name a few,have their bread and butter taken away,supported by the spiteful and disloyal, FNM Opposition? How could the FNM plot with others to take away food from our tables? We must ask..where does the FNM live and who have they sold their political souls to? Thank you Common Sense,for removing the veil of deceit and disloyalty against all Bahamians,by this sore losing,desperate FNM,all set on destroying our Bahamas,because their backers are demanding payback,at any cost.. The PLP will never apologise for being Bahamians,loving this Independent Bahamas and working tirelessly,against any and all challenges,to build a far Better Nation..the Bahamas,forever. Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 03:10:16 +0000 To:

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