Minnis No Longer Makes Sense As Leader

Posted: August 22, 2013 in General Delivery

1009857_10151848313868055_1537044646_nThe Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal (well not so loyal these days) Opposition seems hell bent on leading his party (the FNM) into a deep dark ditch. Dr. Minnis has made questionable statements to the press before, when he admonished the Commissioner of Police to do his job in regards to the number houses. Dr. Minnis stated that the fact that the number houses had appealed the previous ruling of the court was “no excuse for the Commissioner not to carry out the law.” Then there was the entirely unnecessary brouhaha that Dr. Minnis caused in the House of Assembly recently when he adamantly stood behind statements that he made against other Members of Parliament alleging corruption but could not or would not corroborate his statements with evidence. The Speaker of the House rightfully named Dr. Minnis and had him removed from the confines of the House of Assembly. Minnis then called a rally of his followers and yet still DID NOT provide evidence to prove the statements that he so vehemently stood by asserting that he was protecting democracy. HUH?!?!

Now the latest antic of the FNM leader is to release a statement against the government at the most inopportune time, alleging a cover up of the mistreatment of Cuban detainees. This statement has a very unpatriotic tune to say the least. Dr. Minnis should by now, having been the Leader of the Opposition for the past year and a half almost, know that country ALWAYS comes first. While we may all argue internally and try our hardest to gain political mileage, as he has been doing, when it comes to defending the Commonwealth of The Bahamas against those who would try to ruin our reputation it should ALWAYS be one for all and all for one. Dr. Minnis’ statement while he must have thought that he was throwing a blow at the government of the day in asking for the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs actually shows how out of his league he his. It shows how Hubert Ingraham threw his support behind Dr. Minnis for leader knowing full well that he was throwing someone into the deep end who rightfully should still be in the political kiddy pool.  According to the government an investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

Minister Fred Mitchell rightfully responded to Dr. Minnis’ statement with the exasperation of a parent who had repeated the same thing to many times to a child who would not listen. He also did the right thing by calling on the Almighty for patience because it would seem that this is the line the FNM has decided to take with their public relations strategy. Dr. Minnis antics of late are not the actions of one who wants to be taken seriously as a contender for the role of Prime Minister, he shows himself to be one who is desperate and misguided in his quest for political relevancy and attention. I will not even mention the fact that FNM Chairman Darren Cash outright defended the rights of the US congresspersons over The Bahamas in a statement that he released.

Remember These Two Gentlemen's Stint at the Helm of the FNM......LOL

Remember These Two Gentlemen’s Stint at the Helm of the FNM……LOL

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a leadership struggle within the ranks of the Free National Movement. It cannot be that all of those within the hierarchy of that organization condone what is coming of out Mackey Street under the guise of a party on the move. Those who follow the Free National Movement and have any influence on their public relations strategy should really go back to the drawing board and quickly. If these antics are suppose to be showing Dr. Minnis as a fearless leader it is an epic fail. I do not support the Free National Movement but I do support dialogue and the opposition being able to hold the government accountable for their actions and decisions. The Progressive Liberal Party did a stellar job of that during the last term but this FNM leadership is just plain ridiculous. I’ll bet those “people” who Hubert Ingraham says came looking for him in 2005 have already started making their calls and visits to him.

If Dr. Minnis has proof of all of his recent allegations would not showing that proof, releasing it to the public be more effective than making a fool of yourself over and over again? The FNMs members and supports had better take their leadership in hand and give them a good talking to because their actions are not endearing anyone to their party or their message, which is a great thing for the government actually. On second thought never mind my last sentence. Carry on smartly Dr. Minnis it would seem that you are on track to becoming the FORMER FNM leader.


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