Posted: August 29, 2013 in General Delivery

Hubert Ingraham in Parliament May 23 2012 last day there

Hubert Ingraham

This Tuesday past, on a very popular Radio Talk Show, the airwave crackled with FNMs and PLPs, calling in with disdain to talk about the rushed and disloyal behaviour of the Opposition, led by now by one Hubert Minnis. Any Hubert is not a good name in Bahamian politics.

All the three Huberts have in the past weeks sided with others who certainly threaten the economic lifeblood of all Bahamians.

Waiters, waitresses, taxicab drivers, hotel maids ,hairdressers, food store operators, to name a few, are having their livelihood destroyed by FNM MPs who have no stomach for hard work in Parliament, but jumped for joy to rip our beloved Bahamas and to hold court and hands with others, who are dead set on doing the Bahamas, right in!

How could anyone see benefit from becoming allies with your economic destroyers; which land is the FNM covering? Whose flag do they salute and what language do they understand, best?

The newest Hubert, (Chipman) appeared brighter than the others, until he too pulled out the disloyalty card … what is the FNM up to? It appears that the FNM and their Huberts are up to nothing other than to destabilize the Bahamas, cause chaos, loss of jobs, closure of Bah Mar and the emptying of Paradise.

Now, it is understood that the FNM through their cloaking might have contributed to those others, who now send veiled threats to the life, limbs and safety of our many relatives and dear friends serving our country in consulates.


Hubert Minnis

How disgusting that a supposed Foreign Minister in the shadows, could not do better. How is it that the Hubert (Chipman) being the newest of the Huberts could not display his youthful talents differently?

If the FNM had the real interest of their Bahamas would they have not cooled the temperature and not continue to fire it up? Firing it up and putting the lives of hardworking Bahamians in our consulates at security risk?

Lets see … could the FNM be seeking to cripple the Bahamas blame the PLP and force an early, early General Election? Not a bad idea; however, how could such a scheme work using insiders and outsources?

But lest we forget, it has happened before. Remember the other “Papa” of all Huberts telling illegals to “sue the Bahamas Government”?

Whatever ills befall our beloved Bahamas and its peaceful people the FNM will bear the blame! And for that they will pay a high political price.


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