Dr. Minnis……….Is That You??

Posted: September 1, 2013 in General Delivery

1009857_10151848313868055_1537044646_nDr. Hubert Minnis was again in the media on Friday Aug 30th 2013 seeking to frame the public debate on the Cuban detainees as a government cover up.

“This shows that there was a cover-up,” said Minnis after the media published contents of what it called an investigation report into allegations of abuse at the Carmichael Road Detention Center.

The record showed that the government said that it was not its policy to abuse detainees or wards of the state and claims of abuse would be investigated and “the chips will fall where they may.”

To date the government has informed the public of an allegation of abuse at the center; the government informed of an investigation into these allegations and recently Foreign Affairs Mitchell has advised of a timeline for a conclusion on the same.

To date there is no evidence of a government cover-up as alleged by Dr. Minnis. Just as he was unable to produce evidence to substantiate his claim that a member of the House was corrupt, a baseless claim that led to his suspension, he is currently unable to produce evidence of a government cover – up.

When one cuts through the rhetoric, frenzy and sensationalism, the charge by the FNM is simply this: The government did not discuss the specific contents and details of the ongoing investigation, therefore they are guilty of a cover – up. This is a bogus charge that the FNM hopes to succeed with by creating mass hysteria and confusion in the public domain.

Had this investigation been a case before the courts, Dr. Minnis would be called in contempt of court. The government refused to comment on this ongoing investigation for the same reason the judiciary strictly prohibits commentary on matters before the courts. Lurid, sensational, uninformed and biased commentary could contaminate the jury pool and prejudice the case. There is a good, valid and legal reason NOT to comment on an active investigation.

The people defending Dr. Minnis and the FNM are the same people who attacked HE Picewell Forbes for publicly commenting on a case before the courts.

The government has the law and reason on its side.

“This government has been consistent to date on the Cuban detainee issue. This is a law enforcement issue; the government of The Bahamas does not condone the abuse of detainees or wards of the state and will investigate and take appropriate actions where specific claims of abuse are made. The laws of the country will be enforced with regard to illegal migration and due process during an investigation will protect the rights of all involved.” To date the government has complied on all of the above.

For all of its posturing, political bluster, craziness and diatribe, the FNM, its operatives and political pundits have failed to point to one Bahamian law, constitutional responsibility or investigative convention that the government violated or abdicated.


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