What is the real agenda of the President of the Teachers Union?

Posted: September 12, 2013 in General Delivery

Belinda Wilson and BUT TeamThe public notes with great interest that the President of the Teacher’s Union has taken the position that the union should govern the schools, by demanding that principals be removed from their jobs. This is amazing because the union’s role is to protect the rights of the workers not manage the schools. This means that we must ask ourselves what is the agenda of the union’s president?
Anyone with a half brain knows that Ms. Wilson has been pushing to get the nod into politics via the FNM for some time now, albeit unsuccessful at this point. In fact, union insiders often talk about the time when the current Teacher’s Union President served as Secretary General and the union executives met with the former Prime Minister (Hubert Ingraham). It was said that she boldly sat on the Prime Minister’s desk (Sharon Stone style) asking for a nomination, much to the dismay and embarrassment of her union colleagues. So what we see now is plain and simple: political auditioning.

Sadly, education in our nation must not be used as pawns in her game; rather, we must analyse and assess each situation on its merit. In this instance the Teacher’s Union president has not laid out any substantive facts only personal views about the principal at the Anatol Rodgers High School.

In the role as a unionist, it is incumbent upon the Teacher’s Union President to take action where the bargaining agreement has been breached. The Teacher’s Union President says that the Union has been denied entry to Anatol Rodgers High School to meet with teachers. What she failed to say is that the bargaining agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Union require that the union must have the approval of the Principal at a school to have a union meeting during school hours.
Governments cannot give in to bully tactics by rogue unionists and must stand their ground.

Incidentally, the educators who followed their president in the walk-out should ask themselves if the Teachers Union President will also take a pay cut with them as a sign of solidarity. Again, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to answer that question. She will not because she is covered on leave under the terms of the bargaining agreement.

We must appeal to all educators to be vigilant in addressing the educational crisis in this country by working hand in hand with the administrations. We must not allow persons with political agendas to derail our resolve to properly educate our children to serve the nation by producing a more productive and educated work force.

The Teachers Union President should hang her head in shame to be acting in such a manner in the presence of the nation, intimidating and disrespecting the office of the Minister of Education and making inflammatory statements. What example of respect is she setting for our nation’s youth?


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