Ghost of the Past Reappears

Posted: October 7, 2013 in General Delivery

SuppPage11_SirWilliamAllen_1_t180Most Bahamians hold Sir William Allen in high regard and thank him for his many years of service during all three terms of Hubert Ingraham’s FNM administration. While Mr. Ingraham was the Minister responsible, William Allen offered much of the technical advice that led to the fiscal mismanagement.

When the FNM was kicked out of office in 2002, the Treasury and government finances were in the worst state ever; William Allen had every opportunity to effect change to our revenue collection and did nothing. He has no authority to speak on VAT for he blew his chance and left a poor legacy. That being the case, how is it the William Allen now dares to resurrect himself to comment on the implementation of VAT and the state of the Bahamian economy? Has this man no shame? Have we ever heard him take responsibility for creating the greatest fiscal deficit in our country’s history?

Before William Allen comments about VAT he needs to address the FNM’s economic mismanagement that made the recession worse and its recovery unnecessarily protracted and painful for thousands of Bahamians.
It is acknowledged that William Allen did not say that VAT was a bad strategy, rather, he said not now. “Not now” is the typical response by the FNM: Not now to Independence; not now to National Insurance; not now to the Defence Force and not now to amending the constitution. Whenever the PLP moves ahead for the sake of the country’s progress, the FNM has been on the “not now” run. In each and every instance the FNM was ”dead” wrong. They were dead wrong then and they are dead wrong now.

The truth of the matter is that our current system of taxation is failing and the Christie Administration recognizes that we must venture into a new direction to save our country.
All of the international credit rating agencies have praised the Christie administration for being courageous enough to chart a new course to financial prudence and economic prosperity. Standard and Poors said that the recent budget “hit many of the right notes.” Whenever leaders take on a trail blazing role, there will always be uncertainty, but if your cause is just, your plan well thought out and your actions sound, only greatness will be the outcome.

Under the FNM, the government on average has spent over $400 million more per year than it collected in revenue – for five years and counting. The government cannot continue to borrow $400 million to $500 million every year as this is unsustainable because at some point the economy will go over the fiscal cliff, crash and burn. Somebody has to demonstrate the leadership and strength to make the tough and unpopular decisions to put our fiscal house in order and the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie is doing just that. His cause is just and his plan is well thought out and sound.

We support the Christie Administration for being innovative in implementing VAT. We are confident that he is making the right decisions in the best interest of all Bahamians and we salute him.

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