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Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Posted: December 28, 2009 in 1

By Fred Moss

Ever since the death of Edward St.George some four years ago , the in-fighting between the partners of the Grand Bahama Authority , Sir Jack and the estate of Edward St. George, the economy of Grand Bahama has ‘ literally ‘ been brought to it’s knees. With all that is now taking place within the Port and it’s group of companies , the question we must now ask ourselves as Bahamians is a very simle one . In the national interest, is it now time for the government of the Bahamas to aquire the 50 % interest of Sir Jack Hayward .

Based on reports, steps were taken by the Bahamas Government to aquire the land in the Williams Town area to build a cruise port, of cause, this aquisition was in the best interest of the country (sic) If this F.N.M  have little to no problem with seizing the property of poor Bahamians in the ‘National Interest’ , they should have no problem with seizing the interest of Sir Jack Hayward, that is, if Hubert Ingraham’s basketballs is big enough to stand up to a white man .

For far too long now, Jack Hayward has treated the Bahamian people with nothing but contempt.  

GB Port Authority Building

I think it’s high time the Bahamian people get-up of their knees and give this bastard a good swift kick in his behind and placed this racist son of a she dog on the stop list,  forever!  After having held the Bahamas Government and our duly elected leaders, and by extension, the 46,000 residents of Freeport/Lucaya out to ridicule, this contemptuous bastard now compounds the situation.

Based on reports in todays Tribune under the by-line of Taneka Thompson, Sir Jack now has his shares in the Port Authority for sale , that is , if it’s not sold already.  To this, I say, good riddance to bad rubbish. But here’s the rub, with out one word for the Government of the Bahamas, which approval he ‘ should ‘ need for the sale of these shares, he treats the leaders of this country as nothing more than hired hands.  Like my mother would always say lay down with dogs , you wake-up with fleas.  Is it just possible that Sir Jack Hayward assume he has the  right to do or say what he pleases because he was paid  in full for services rended .


I Pay My Taxes, Gaddammit!

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Drew Weighs in.

I love my winter vacation. Its the end of the year, things are jumping, lots of excitement and usually, depending on where I’m headed with my family, I’m bound to run into people I know because Bahamians love traveling in December. Particularly that last weekend before Christmas. This year was no different, perhaps with the exception of the fact that Customs weighed heavy on the minds of the duffle bag people. I had the pleasure of running into an old friend at a restaurant and after pleasantries and updates on the family, her attention was focused squarely on paying customs when she touched down at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Mind you, this was last week Tuesday and she wasn’t coming back to Nassau until Sunday! Her concerns were multiple:

  1. She only had one exemption of $300 left but ten time that amount in goods purchased.
  2. Her 8 year old wasn’t tall enough to pass for 12 so she could put some of her goods on his exemption that only kicks in at 12.
  3. Customs officers were being watched like hawks now that Mr. Ingraham and the Customs Chief Mr. Gomez suggested that as much as $100 Million is lost due to corrupt officers.
  4. The new customs officers at the airport were on their first full week on the job and looking to prove themselves so nobody was giving any “breaks”

The $100 Million Dollar Man at Customs, Glen Gomez.

Fast forward to Sunday and we’re in the LPIA with what has to be at least five hundred Bahamians and a thousand duffle bags. On every flat surface available, Bahamians were scribbling like crazy on customs forms with two hands full of receipts. One for the goods they would acknowledge buying and one for the ones they wouldn’t. The strategy was simply to claim for the things that were too obvious to ignore and then throw in one or two other category of items so that when the exemption is factored in, the hit from Customs wouldn’t be so high. And just for clarification, that was the strategy of the semi honest ones who planned to pay something to Customs.

The other strategy was the most brazen and annoying. People were going up to the belt with duffle bags aplenty and trying to claim that three duffle bags full of Tommy this and Nautica that and every shoe you could find in a rap video only cost them $300 because they were fortunate shoppers with an eye for the deal. Or, my favorite one, “I got it at the flea market!” Now come on. I felt for the officers who had to go through that scenario at least a hundred times a night when this crew rolled in. And there were so many of them who were able to find the magical deals where no matter what they bought came out to $300, coincidentally, the amount they would try to claim exemption. Of course, this led to even longer lines and longer waits because the officers, having had their intelligence insulted, became even more focused on making the proper claims or getting as close to it as possible.

I know all of this because as a younger man, I tried all of this. My outlook changed when the third strategy for beating the tax collector was presented to me in a very forceful way. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife, bought a copy of the book “Know your Duty” on one of our early trips together. Knowing that we were going to put a hurting on the credit cards and do a lot of shopping, she wanted to know up front how much to budget for paying customs because she’s a straight arrow like that. Me, I’m a little more likely to be corrupt but I went along. In going through the book, we found that certain items we were shopping for were duty free and others carried reasonable rates that based on the book’s calculations, we could bear to pay. So there we went to the Customs line with our big bags. The porter, who has to be recognized as the enabler and facilitator and sidekick to half of the $100 Million swindled from Customs, saw our bags and right away said he was taking us to someone who would “work with us.”

I tried to protest, with my newfound sense of taxpaying civic pride but my girlfriend, now wife, said, “no, lets see what he’s going to do so we can know who’s dirty and how the dirt goes down.” Her uncle being a senior Customs official, she was interested in seeing how the scam worked. So we go to the belt, porter whispers to Customs officer who in turn whispers back. Nobody is standing close so it looks natural but obviously something they have done so many times that they have the routine worked out. Porter puts bags on the belt and the officer takes the entries and starts banging away on the calculator. He then scribbles on a piece of paper “$300” and says, “you could handle that?” My girlfriend, now wife, says “fill out the entry anyway so I can see the difference.”

Have you ever noticed all the bling some Customs Officers wear?

Sensing he was in a bind, the officer took the entries and proceeded to turn everything up in our bags, no doubt bothered by the fact that once he calculated our true duty, it worked out to $179, a fee my girlfriend, now wife, had already calculated and budgeted for. The angry officer had been beaten in the middle of the scam, having shown his hand with nothing in return. I have to admit, it never occurred to me that the amount of money I would have paid that guy and the porter could be higher than what I would have actually paid customs. But here’s the thing, they were banking on the fact that the looks of big bags equals big money to pay and people getting spooked into aiding and abetting corrupt officers.

The story ended with us going to the window to pay our $179. As we were closing up our bags and taking them off the belt, my girlfriend, now wife, got another porter to take our things out and as she was giving the original porter $5, $1 per bag, she said to him in earshot of the Customs officer: “I pay my taxes, Gaddammit!”

With things this tough, how long before new recruits become Corrupt?

So last evening was an interesting festival of people watching as we observed Bahamians trying everything under the sun to beat the Customs man. Everybody was extra friendly too, a useful demeanor to solicit a “favor”. But there was one dynamic that was different. The officers were paired with the new young officers who just rolled into the service and probably too new to be corrupted yet. There wasn’t the usual room to wheel and deal. Thats not to say some of that $100 Million didn’t go home in some officer’s pocket on Sunday. Why do I say that?

The same crooked officer who we beat was the same officer who we went to and once again, our forms were filled, the duty was paid and the message was sent loud and clear. Not all Bahamians are crooked and corrupt and for some of us, we proudly say “I pay my taxes, Gaddammit.”

The Plight of the Disillusioned

Posted: December 20, 2009 in 1

By Joette Penn

Of late I have been encountering alot of people who have lost interest in the politics of the Bahamas.  Although they still will engage in conversation about what is going on in the country they feel as though nothing is ever going to change.  Believe or not I think that is sector of society is growing and that is not a good thing.  Some say that they (meaning the politicians)are only looking out for themselves and that maybe true in some cases.  Others say that no government PLP or FNM has ever done anything for them.  Others still say that they aren’t for Ingraham or Christie because they believe somehow that they are in cohoots.  There are those that tell me that the Members of Parliament is one big club and that all they do is take up for each other and that you would never see anyone from there call out anyone else except for political mileage.  I have been hearing alot of people reminiscing about Sir Lynden saying, “boy I know is it was Sir Lynden this or that would not be happening”.   

One of the surprising things that I heard of late is that some think that electing Hubert Ingraham after his first term in office 92-97 was the biggest mistake ever made collectively by the Bahamian people.  I think that I may agree with that statement.  It is no secret that I think that Mr. Ingraham has taken on a republican still of government and has always ran the Bahamas as if it were his very own mom and pop shop on the corner.   He is the owner, manager, self stocker and the cashier.  This last administation under Mr. Ingraham has been so far by far the worst of the three that he has put together.  There are few bright spots to mention.  That is not a partisan statement.  The Bahamas has become one of the prominent members on every list in the world that is negative.  We are the rape capital of the world.  We have one of the largest numbers of illegitimate births.  Our murder count has risen to 83 in one year and that year is not through.  Education in the country has become a money pit because children are still leaving high school functionally illiterate.  We are on the greylist now after being on the black list.  Our tourism numbers are down and we blame it on the recession when other caribbean islands are seeing growth. 

But on the other hand Mr. Ingraham is the best thing since slice bread to some.  There are those in this country that benefit immensely from any Ingraham administration.  Those people more often than not are the wealthy in the country.  You can bet the mortgage that anytime Mr. Ingraham takes office the wealthy and large merchants will get tax breaks and government contracts.  You can also bet the car note that there would be lots and lots of foreigners in the country doing work that can be done by Bahamians.  One thing that you have to admit though is that Mr. Ingraham is an excellent politician.   The reason I did not mention the rest of the FNM is because they are not important because Mr. Ingraham is in charge they are just extras in the play.

One more thing that I have to mention.  It seems that there is a feeling from some in the country that they have been left out of the pool when it come to running for public office.  Some folks have the impression that once you work certain places that you cannot make your politicial persuasion known and you dare not stand up for anything.  Some think that this is because of the attitude that Mr. Ingraham has shown throughout his presence as PM of this country.  A few posts ago I showed you pictures of what I call the “pick off” list.  On this list persons were recommended for demotions etc for the perceived political persuasions.  Mr.  Ingraham as a leader should be pavin the way that every man or woman in the country can feel free to believe whatever they please and to take those believes all the way to the House of Assembly if they please but that is not the feeling in the country.  Some people are literally AFRAID to voice any kind of political opinion in public. That is not a good thing that is not what Sir Lynden and Sir Milo and others fought to bring about.

As for the disillusionment with the PLP.  It seems that people are of the view that the Progressive Liberal Party is not doing much of anything beside talking.  It seems that the same people that vote FNM all the time expect the PLP to come to their rescue everytime Mr. Ingraham does something dumb or steps on their toes.  However I do understand that thought process. The PLP was always thought to be the champion of the people.  The heroes of some sort to swoop down and make everything ok.  I guess that is why there is a double standard where the PLP is concerned.   The FNM is held to a lower standard than the PLP.  The propaganda of the last election also still lumes in the air for some.  They think that Mr. Christie is indecisive and that he lets the people in his party run amuck, undisciplined. This perception has to be addressed by those that know better.   Some say while the love Mr. Christie to death he is not a strong leader, I of course disagree.  But I do think that the PLP does not seem to have the fire in the belly that it should at all times whether in government or opposition.

The PLP is seen as a weak party for the elite by some.  This is a perception that also needs to be squashed.  Lynden Pindling said in October of 1973. “The Progressive Liberal Party must not become a conservative party; we must not be afraid of change; we must not lose our radical zeal.  We must continue to be progressive and liberal.  New and better ideas arise each day; expectations run higher each day, so conservatism will herald the death knell of our party…………To stay on top, this party must find new causes to champion and new social injustices to eradicate.  And we must champion those causes and eradicate those injustices even if we discover them amongst ourselves.”

The disillusioned in the country must become a part of the cure.  Even if you never live to see the end result of the work that you have been doing you must do the work needed to make that Bahamas the place that you want to see.  Whether you decide to join a political party or become and activist or pundit.  The Bahamas cannot afford for any man to put down their oar and leave their station.  The boat will go adrift.  We all must find the strength within us to stand for something. 

The FNM…….What A Contradiction

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By George Knowles

Most of us who work in the business world set personal development goals and more often than not those goals include doing some studying, and sometimes those personal goals lead us to study some of the most unlikely subjects.  Many years ago I found myself in a class studying comparative theology.  It was either Paul Tillich or Brunner who said in his writings when commenting on a passage from Ephesians that man was a contradiction.  In discussing the attributes of God the term came up.  A forgiving God gave His Only Son to redeem mankind back to himself but instead of being grateful man continues to sing and revolt against God which contradicts all that God has done for him.  There is always this pull, this struggle between good and evil, the flesh and the spirit.

Max Gbanite in an article entitled “Intimidation + Gangsterism = PDP Democracy” which was published in November, 2001  highlighted this contradiction when he quoted the President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from his book (This Animal Called Man, back page):  “Man is a contradiction, a complex being, and a unique animal…one side of man shows his ingenuity, his humanness, his creative capacity and his capacity to be kind, loving and to acknowledge and honour the truth. This is the divine aspect of man. The other face shows man using his ability, capability and ingenuity maliciously, selfishly, devilishly, and oppressively. This is the satanic aspect of man…”

Free National Movement

I have often said on another blogsite that the FNM government is a contradiction because it leans towards what “satanic” or “oppressive” as Obasanjo says.  In other words it goes against the grain and does the exact opposite of what you expect it to do.  It taxes and prosecutes the little man and grant tax exemptions to the rich Bay Street merchants.  It takers away the first time home owners stamp duty exemption but withdraws the Subdivision bill because the realtors who back them privately compains how it is going to ruin their lucrative business.

Allyson Maynard Gibson

When Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson was the Attorney General she introduced and advocated a programme called “Swift Justice.”  I guess she was thinking of the legal maxim that “justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done” and that “Justice prolonged is justice denied.”  The FNM came to power and did away with that programme for no other reason than it was introduced by a PLP.  It did not matter whether or not the programme was good or successful or was working.  One wave of the hand and like everything else they decided to do away with it was gone.

The whole idea of having a penal system is to punish those who run afoul of the law; those who offend the good conscience of society and are considered a threat to the good and orderly life of  civil society.  We have a crime wave today in our country the likes of which we have never seen before.  In fact the last two years have broken all records in terms of crime statistics.  Despite the historic data in April of this year the FNM released from prison more than 200 persons who werecharged and remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison for serious crimes and within days of their release some of those hardened criminals were doing what they do best – wreaking havoc on our society.

Recall the revelations coming out of the elections court for the Pinewood constituency.  It was revealed that a Jamaican national voted in our general elections.  The question is, how man more perswons who were not entitled to vote, voted in the 2007 general elections who were foreigners?  It is possible that this individual, and others, were paid?  It can be assumed that  he certainly paid some money in  attempting to ‘regularize’ himself before he was found out.

He was given a Bahamian driver’s licence and was told to call a persons who goes by the nickname of “Tricks” at the passport office to get a Bahamian passport which he then used to get a voter’s card.  All of this is a corrupt practice, punishable under our law by serving time in jail but I do not recall anyone ever being brought before the courts for these offences, and as far as I can tell the only thing that happened was  the deportation of the Jamaican national.  I am sorry but that is not good enough for me.  He should have been tried before our courts, sentenced and jailed and after serving his time in prison deported, declared a persona non grata and placed on the stop list.

Let’s go back in history.  During the early 1980’s the FNM in cohoots with Brian Ross of NBC did what they called an exposé entitled

Kendal Issacs: Man on the Right

 “A Nation for Sale” and dragged the late Sir Lynden through the mud regarding the drug dealing activities of Mr. Carlos Ledher on Norman’s Cay in the Exumas.    According to the Commission of Enquiry that followed the law firm of the late Sir Kendal Isaacs represented Mr. Ledher.  They drew up some twenty conveyances to convey the property to Mr. Ledher to avoid having to pay the government the appropriate  stamp duty on the transaction if the property was conveyed as a single parcel.  When Sir Kendall testified before the Commission he said that it was a “one-off” deal.”  Sir Kendall was the leader of the FNM for many years.

Since coming to office in 2007 the FNM compulsorily acquired the land and sold it to their friends for peanuts.  This is valuable beachfront property with an airstrip that is easily worth in excess of $50 million, but from what I can recall it was sold for less than $2 million and the sale was to be floated by a bond.  The press does not comment on this fire sale transaction.  Now we have these land flipping transactions where we mainly have FNM supporters purchasing Crown Lands for less than $2,500 and then re-selling it for $500,000 and more.  Again very little is said about the propriety of this in the press.  All of this happening on the watch of the holier than thou pointing fingers of the FNM who accused the PLP of fixing up their friends by selling them BTC.

In all of these scandals  the press has basically remained mum on the subject.  The FNM has made it their political life’s mantra to paint the PLP as a corrupt Party and a Party of intimidation and victimization, and with the aid of the press they have succeeded to a certain extent.  The press is anti-PLP and the PLP’s side of the story is never printed and hence not as widely told.  Now today on the front page of the Tribune we hear of another scandal.  Obviously disgruntled  FNM supporter and prospective FNM candidate for the 2007 general elections in the Pine Ridge Constituency in Grand Bahama (Mr. Frederick Smith)  is told to drop his lawsuit against a certain developer in Abaco or he could consider his political aspirations history.  Even more alarming is the fact that the FNM who is always talking about election reform told Mr. Smith that his lawsuit would “turn off powerful financial backers” of the FNM.   These backers are in the real estate and construction business.  The suggestion here is that those backers are both local and foreign.

It leaves one to wonder if the recently bestowing Mr. Smith the title of Queen’s Counsel was a consolation prize for his silence, but now having received this honour the cat is now proverbially out of the bag.  One would have thought that with the consolation prize all was forgiven and it was business as usual, but revenge is like a woman’s scorned and pushes people to do things that one would not expect them to do.  I guess Mr. Smith’s name is now mud in the FNM party.  When you sell your soul to the devil it will be hell to pay, and one day will be pay day.  For the FNM I guess that day is here – again.

One Straw Market Please!

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By Joette Penn

Now I don’t know about you but I am tired of hearing about this Straw Market.  The straw market burned down in September 2001, just one week before the 9/11 tragedy in New York and  I am sitting here 9 years later writing about…………..the Straw Market.  When the straw market burned in 2001 a big tent was erected to house the straw vendors in order for them to sell their items. 

Now the former Progressive Liberal Party government that took office in 2002 put the contract for the building of the straw market out to tender. 

In comes Mr. Ingraham’s administration and the contract signed by the Christie Administration

Straw Market Tent

 is cancelled.  As a result of the Straw Market contract termination under the Ingraham administration there has been lawsuits against the government.  Now today I was reading the papers and there is our “good friend” Tommy Turnquest saying how the government of going to settle all disputes concerning the straw market and build a straw market for the bargain price of $11.29 million dollars .  So if the government settles its disputes you can add all that money to the actual contract amount which may land you around the same amount of the first contract that was signed.  One of these disputes is with the architect of the proposed building under the Christie government, Mr. Michael Foster

New Straw Market Model

This whole situation is so completely stupid.  What was so important about cancelling this contract that the government opened itself to lawsuits just to do it.  What about the Ministry of Tourism, that was burned in the same fire any plans to build a bulding for that.  Could not the government have hit two birds with one stone and place some government offices in the same building as the market as it did before using the Michael Foster plan instead of dragging the whole thing out for two and a half years.  I am sure it would have taken less time and headache to simply modify the building done under the Christie Administration.  What a waste.  The former Straw Market building was multi storied and multi purposed just like the plan by Michael Foster.  It had two stories for straw vendors and the rest was used but the Ministry of Tourism so what was the beef with the Michael Foster design and the Christie Administration contract.  It could not have been the cost because we just has Miss Universe here and we are resurfacing roads one day and digging it up the next. 

Old Straw Market Before Fire

So now the new straw market that is now cheap enough to satisfy our current Prime Minister has been promised for the end of 2011. Just in time for elections by the way.  I can hear it now on RM Bailey Park (in Mr. Ingraham accent) “Christie ain bil’ no market, I bil da market. He say he was ga bil it fa twenny tree million, I bil it for eleban”.  Not counting the court costs, lawyer costs and settlements for cancelling signed contracts.  Not to mention the embarrassment of having a tent on Bay Street for almost ten years.   

Whatever it is, would someone please just built the damn thing and let’s hope that it does end up like the Ministry of Education building…………more problems than its worth.  I mean really who builds a building with windows that can’t open, but thats another post.

Old Straw Market

Party or People? Who comes First?

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By Keenan Johnson

It is truly a sad day in the political arena when you find that a major political Party has forgotten their true purpose. One would love to believe that the primary purpose of any Political Party is to adhere to the needs and many wants of their people. I would assume this includes providing them with their preferred option of representation. I guess the FNM didn’t get this memo.

As many of you may have read in the Tribune yesterday, prominent attorney Fred Smith, in an affidavit admitted that he was informed by the FNM’s Candidates Committee that he would not be endorsed by them for the Pine Ridge seat, DESPITE having the support of the Pine Ridge Constituency Association…unless he either pulled out of representing litigants against the Baker’s Bay resort development in Guana Cay, Abaco or convinced them to drop their case.


Now for most of you who don’t know, the litigants who Fred Smith represented were a group of locals who felt

Attorney Fred Smith

that the Baker’s Bay development on the island would be an environmental threat, and most importantly, they were highly disturbed by the fact that they were not consulted prior to the approval of such a major project on the island.

So let’s see if we can break this down a bit. Fred Smith was denied an opportunity to represent a constituency who openly expressed their desire for him to be their candidate… simply because he represented a group of concerned Bahamian residents… or better yet, because the FNM saw that ensuring sponsorship was more important than ensuring that the needs of the Bahamian people were met.

It seems as though every time I attempt to give the FNM the benefit of the doubt, they do something to strike a new low, but I say kudos to Mr. Smith. After going against your Party’s will by doing the right thing and being ostracized for doing so, you still worked tirelessly to ensure that Mr. Laing kept his seat after the elections. You’re a good man, but if I was you I would run as an independent in the next election, and show the FNM whose hands your political career rests in. It wouldn’t be hard to prove that you could be a better Freeport MP than those from the FNM.

The sad reality is that this type of politricks may very well be happening in both of the major Political Parties in the country. So for those of you who ever wondered why the greatest minds in the country decide to stay out of politics…wonder no more!

Fred Smith Protests

Is the FNM Bitching up the Legal Fraternity Too?

Drew Weighs in.

Fred Smith, fighter for the rights of anyone with the money to pay the agenda and a well known attorney with strong FNM ties put it out there for all to see. His party told him that despite being the choice of the constituency, his involvement in a high profile case would be detrimental to the party’s chances of securing the backing of a number of companies that would benefit from the project. Some of those companies are now making money hand over fist now that the FNM is in power.

This is curious. The FNM suggested to a prominent attorney that he ought to abandon his client’s interests if he wanted to be nominated for that seat. That is shocking and when considered in the context of everything else the FNM has been doing to the legal profession since coming to power, it shouldn’t be surprising. Remember that the FNM has had four Attorneys General in two years. Remember that two of the four so far have ended up on the bench, alongside a number of FNM insiders, including the former director of public prosecutions. The bench has been politicized in the worst way.  The investigative arm of law enforcement has also been tainted by the appointment of Reginald Ferguson as Commissioner of Police. His boss, Tommy Turnquest has proven to be brain dead when it comes to fighting crime and managing our crime situation.

Now the FNM is telling attorneys to diss their clients for favors from their party.

What does this tell Bahamians? I don’t know about you but it tells me that if I have a legal matter, I’m not choosing an FNM attorney for fear that my case may be tampered with by his party for political reasons. The residents of Guana Cay, many of whom support the FNM should be shocked and outraged that their “sunshine” government was trying to rain on their parade.

If that doesn’t disturb you, then maybe this should. Knowing what we now know and what Fred Smith, Guana Cay residents and no doubt, quite a few FNMs in Pineridge who were disappointed to not have Fred as their man, they still voted FNM. Scratch your head on that one people. That is what this country has come to.

Commerce Expelled……..Piracy Restored

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By Fred Moss

Somalian Pirates of the east coast of Africa is giving new meaning to the words Trade and Commerce.  For them, the fine art of negotating is at the point of a gun.   By force, they simply take what they want.  

Globes Largest Ship Oasis of the Seas

Hell, this sounds very much like the F.N.M.
At least  the Somalia Pirates are up front with their stealing, with them, there’s no pretense of being honest or doing anything to benefit anyone but themselves.
At a time when the country could ill afford it, at the behest of Hubert Ingraham and his band of most willing buccaneers , the government of the Bahamas pumped apx. $44 million into the Nassau Harbour dredging project , this very large investment was to accommodate the cruise ship Oasis, the largest ship of it’s kind in the world todate .
Based on sweet mouth willy, the return on our investment would be unmeasureable .
To the suprise of many Bahamians, as the Cruise ship Oasis docked into Nassau Harbour, to the dismay of Prime Minister Ingraham, the return on our investment to date was warning from the Cruise-Liner that Nassau was dangerous port-of-call . Way to go Hubert!  Once again , based on reports , it would appear that the F.N.M. pirates are at it yet again .
This time, it’s the scaled down Straw Market project . With not so much as a by your leave, the once $10 million project is now $12 million.   A $2 million increase. What’s two million dollars among friends .
Blackbeard would be extremely proud of this crew . When they or their surrogates are not plundering National Insurance , they share up the bounty by giving out $ 3.5 million contracts to the likes of former F.N.M. M.P. Gregory Williams .
As if we were not having enough problems with our own people , now a British blue blood pirate is now getting into the act .
What ? or Who ! give Sir Jack Hayward , aka ‘ Union Jack ‘ the ‘ right ‘ to threaten , and to hold us hostage , the entire city of Freeport/Lucaya and it’s people .

Sir Jack Hayward

Based on a report in the Tribune of December 15 th., 2009 , under the by-line of Neil Hartnell , Sir Jack is now giving an ultimatum to the legally elected and sanctioned Government of the Bahamas .
What the……… !  “Give Hannes Babak a work permit or else !” he goes on to say , ” All I can say is that there will be no progress in Freeport , it will become very hot here “.
Who in the hell do this man think he is ? What gives him the right to hold the lives of 46,000 Bahamians at ransom for one ( 1 ) man , a non Bahamian at that ! This speaks volume as to what these people really think of us .
Some years ago , Sir Lynden O.Pindling warned the Bahamian people of the ‘ attitude ‘ of the principales of the Port Authority in his Bend or Break speech .The F.N.M. took him to task over this, now here we are some 30 years later living what he warned us about .
Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s response , and steps taken by him , will show the Bahamian people the true colour of his spine .
Sir Jack Hayward or no one else should be allowed to show this type of disdain for the Bahamas and it’s people .
This is the price we no pay, against the  wish of the Bahamian people, Hubert Ingraham and his government gave an extension to the life of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.  Millions of dollars in tax revenue was lost because of this, Now these same people are treating us as nothing more than field ni**ers.